Centralize your company’s management tasks to become more agile and effective.

  • Consolidate strategic information.
  • Take total control of goals and actions.
  • Gain real-time monitoring of results.
Organize. Plan. Analyze.

Our software consolidates everything your company needs to keep the organization, strategic planning, and data analysis available and updated for the entire team. It brings control and guarantees achievements!

Define your company's management model.

Create strategy maps, dashboards, and projects. Establish action plans and goals to achieve.

Track metrics, projects, and actions.

Manage goals and KPI’s. Analyze performance by team and individual. Correct deviations from plan.

Syndicate results.

From within the platform, present results, schedule meetings, evaluate performance – and much more.

The only software certified by Falconi.

Get to know the  Strategic Management module functionality.

Strategic Maps

Executive views of the company's overall performance.

Custom dashboards

Visual and dynamic panels by sector or subject.

Indicators and KPI’s

Track your company's progress towards achieving objectives.

Goal breakdowns

Fast and dynamic analysis of the composition of goals and results.

Monitoring of actions

Visually track and control your activities through Gantt chars and Kanban boards.

Deviation analysis

Flag and address unmet goals.

Results Matrix

Table of values by period with goals and results.

Team-based tracking

Performance view by organizational hierarchy.

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Management practices aligned.

In addition to the Falconi management models, we have a diverse set of customizable management tools to meet your project’s needs.







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Expand your possibilities.

— In addition to combining our software modules to expand your management system, you can also integrate Actio with the most popular web tools your company may use. —

Real-time information at the reach of your hand.

Keep your strategy always accessible through our mobile app and follow the performance of projects, areas, and action plans wherever and whenever you want.

  • Follow up indicators and projects.
  • Manage your actions and those of your team.
  • Update pending reports and analysis.
  • Keep values and information up to date.
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