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Do you struggle with centralizing all of your company’s data in one place because each area of the organization needs a methodology to analyze results and define projects? 

Many methodologies make it difficult to find all the necessary information when making decisions for efficient resolution. 

Seed solves all these problems. 

With our solution, managing your company’s performance and results becomes more effective, agile, and centralized, and you can ensure total control of all information, goals, and actions. And the best part, no matter which methodology the areas are using, the results are all in one platform and can be tracked in real time.

Stop making decisions that waste your time and financial resources. Seed has a virtual consultant using artificial intelligence to guide you in identifying causes, ensuring results, and methodological coherence in your processes.

The virtual consultant helps you identify:

  • Causes for goal deviations
  • Corrective actions for causes of deviations
  • Actions for an action plan
  • OKRs for projects or strategic goals
  • Risks in processes and projects
  • Controls for identified risks
  • Individual development plans
  • Professional performance analyses

One software, one solution. Several methodologies.

Seed is software that combines everything your organization needs to develop and track performance and results strategically and successfully. 

Our multi-methodological platform allows each company to choose the model that best suits their needs, and even adopt different methodologies for each area, resulting in the enhancement of the team’s performance to the level of excellence. 

Make the best data-driven decisions. Check out all the methodologies you will find in Seed: 

Tools that increase
performance and excellence.

Get to know the tools you can find in Seed.

Strategic maps

Executive views of the overall performance of the company.

Customized dashboards

Visual and dynamic panels by sector or topic.

Indicators and KPIs

Monitor the progress of your company's results.

Goal cascading

Quick and dynamic analysis of the consistency of goals and results.

Action tracking

Monitor and control your activities visually, with Gantt chart and Kanban.

Analysis and treatment of deviations

Ensuring the treatment of unachieved goals.

Results matrix

Table of values per period with goals and results.

Department perfomance

View of performance by organizational hierarchy.

Anyone who uses Seed recommends it!


Today, we use the Seed module and it is part of our daily routine. We use it to deploy the strategy for all areas. We have indicators that are monitored daily or weekly, according to the frequency of each one, but today, our use is daily, it is well rooted in the company’s culture.


Seed software allowed us to efficiently outline the strategic planning process, identify the main actors, distribute work, promote collaboration between areas, facilitate the monitoring of tasks assigned to managers, have agile and accurate information to communicate progress and identify opportunities for improvement at all levels of the organization.

Automate, centralize, and track your company’s management processes. We combine technology with the latest in management practices.