Automate and make performance bonus payment more transparent.

  • Access to the individual score throughout the year.
  • Performance view by area and employee.
  • More transparency in the results.
Integrated management and global vision of results.

Our software gathers everything you need to monitor the performance bonus at all levels of management of the company applying the best practices of variable remuneration.

Manage efficiently.

Create goals, define actions and manage the performance of employees and areas of your company

Engage your team in goals achievement.

Track your bonus and find out what is preventing him from being bigger.

Make the division of results transparent.

Present the results by area and employee with simplicity and transparency directly in the software.

The only software certified by Falconi.
Get to know the Bonus module functionality.

Goal Card

Disclose the score of your employees in an agile way.

Monitoring of actions

Visually track and control your activities. Gantt and Kanban visualization.

Indicators and KPI’s

Track the progress of your company's results.

Deviation analysis and treatment

Ensuring the treatment of unmet goals.

Bonus per employee

See the bonus of each employee.

Bonus per area

Ease of tracking the bonus provisioning amount.

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More transparency, less hassle!

— Control and analyze the profit sharing programs for all levels of management of the company.

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— They trust our products to generate transformative results in their organizations.

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